Our Competencies

  • Public Affairs
    • Strategic Communications
    • Coalition Building
    • Issue Advertising
    • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
    • Digital influencer analysis and stakeholder mapping
    • Ethnic Diversification Strategies
  • Technology (Education)
    • Digital Platforms & Infrastructure Assessment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Digital Product Management
    • Digital Design & Integration
    • Digital Interactive Solutions
  • Public Sector & Government
    • Advocacy
    • Strategic Communications
    • Business Solutions and Procurement
    • Strategic Advising
  • Water
    • Competition Policy and Regulation Modeling
    • Policy Analysis and Development
    • Stakeholder Engagement & Network Building
    • Revenue & Procurement Strategic Planning

Our Approach

Balance Public Relations utilizes its’ experienced industry-sector knowledge and political acumen to inform and move opinion leaders, policymakers and regulatory agents to action. We influence public opinion, advance regulatory and legislative initiatives and build targeted proprietary campaigns that produce results.

Our Focus

Balance Public Relations supports premier firms in strategic communications with specialties in the areas of education, technology, procurement, and water. BPR’s strategy is based upon market and political assessments founded upon two decades of governmental relationships that have led to successful multi-disciplinary skills, judgment, and trust. We arm our clients with our instinctual brand of experience and influence to champion battles in highly complex fields in a rapidly challenging world.

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