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Balance Public Relations is a full service strategic consulting firm that supports premier firms in strategic communications with specialties in the areas of education, technology, procurement, and water. BPR’s strategy is based upon market and political assessments founded upon two decades of governmental relationships that have led to successful multi-disciplinary skills, judgment, and trust. Balance Public Relations utilizes the latest research to identify prevalent trends, issues, & new developments in the governmental and private sectors. We arm our clients with our instinctual brand of experience and influence to champion battles in highly complex fields in a challenging world.

Public Relations

We are not a public-relations firm in the traditional sense. At Balance Public Relations, we deeply analyze an organization and its mission. We uncover and promote positive messages propelling your brand. We transform and negate negative messages handling crisis communications swiftly and adeptly. Strategic Advisers, we create public-relations campaigns, employing a variety of state of the art, multi-platform communication strategies to deliver your story and your messages through targeted channels to targeted audiences.

Government Affairs

Our approach to government relations is different than most government-relations firms. BPR has deep ties with local, state and federal leaders and has built a foundation with decision makers for direct communications that has spanned over 20 years. We believe that key to a strong government-relations practice is not only building and maintaining strong relationships throughout all levels of government, but coupling those relationships with robust communications, public-relations, and grassroots efforts to push issues and drive legislative & public policy agendas.

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Strategy & Advising

Strategy consulting is the foundation of what is delivered at Balance Public Relations. BPR believes that it has developed unique processes honed at the Harvard Business School that specifically leads to well-developed leading-edge business strategies and governmental positioning. As a result, BPR has been engaged to lead a wide variety of strategic projects for a broad spectrum of product and service providers in the edtech field, the financial services industry, governmental procurement and water development. BPR’s core capabilities are building on a firm’s strengths, assessing its opportunities, & recommending specific positioning strategies for success.

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